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For over three decades, we have been supporting entrepreneurs in the Brussels-Capital Region.
Our Journey
Our Journey
EEBIC was established in 1992 through the initiative of the Brussels-Capital Region,, and ULB. Our initial mission was to identify and promote the development of high-potential young companies. Over the years, our incubator has created an ecosystem aimed at meeting the varied needs of entrepreneurs in terms of support and funding.
Our Mission
Our Mission
Facilitate the development of startups by providing them with an enriching ecosystem and tailored advice. We understand that every startup is unique, and our approach is designed to meet your diverse needs.
Why Trust Us
Why Trust Us
We aspire to become the leading incubator in the West Brussels region, forging a unified and robust community of startups destined to become the successes of tomorrow.

Why Trust Us

years of experience
startups hosted in total
2500 m²
of space
of our community are women
equal representation of French-speaking and Dutch-speaking residents

Our partners are also yours

Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with many key players in the Brussels and Belgian ecosystem. By joining EEBIC, you also gain access to this vast network !

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A synergy between Brussels' public incubators is the network of public incubators spread across the four corners of the Brussels region. Each incubator specializes in a specific field. Joining one of the four incubators also means joining a dynamic and engaged community of entrepreneurs, with access to extensive resources across the network that increase your chances of success.

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Greenbizz BLSI ICAB

The public incubators were established to offer comprehensive support to spin-offs and startups, addressing all aspects of business management, including technological validation for some, and the search for capital, grants, and funding.

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Key Services

Why Join Us ?

In addition to our support, we offer you workspaces at advantageous rates!
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Excelerate Coaching Program

Benefit from personalized and structured coaching over 7 months, including 30 hours of individual coaching and 12 hours of group sessions, tailored to achieve your goals. Free for residents.
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Access to Our Network of Brussels Partners

Enjoy privileged access to our network of partners, including coaching opportunities, funding, business plan validation, and other essential resources for your growth.
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Flexible Workspace Solutions

Choose adaptive workspace options, from private offices to co-working solutions, all equipped to foster productivity and creativity.
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Professional Meeting Rooms

Book equipped meeting rooms for any type of event, from small meetings to large seminars, at a competitive price.
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Become an Exemplary Startup

Let us help you align your startup with the Shifting Economy, to address current environmental and social challenges while benefiting from financial advantages.
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Commitment to Sustainability

Our ecological initiatives include a passive building equipped with solar panels and an Ecodynamic Enterprise certification, helping you integrate sustainability into your business strategy.
Our Team

We are here to help

With a diverse range of expertise and a shared passion for innovation, we work hard to support the growth and success of every startup in our community.
Cécile Broekhoven

Cécile Broekhoven

Business Operations Manager

Chérine Attig

Chérine Attig

Office Manager

Chérine Attig Chérine Attig Chérine Attig